China Fabrics & Accessories Center

China Fabrics & Accessories Center is a textile-themed mall and is a benchmark project under KHC. It is the innovation and research base for textile and accessories in China. With nearly 4000 top-notch domestic and international textile merchants within the building, the daily customer influx for this project already exceeded 100,000 people.

Located at the premier location of China’s textile trading hub – Zhongda Business District, China Fabrics & Accessories Center has become one of the representing thematic malls in China with its advanced construction and planning, complete supporting facilities and consistent patient craftsman-like operations since more than 15 years ago.

As the origin for fashion, China Fabrics & Accessories Center, which revolves around the "fashion, innovation and technology" ideology, has explored a complex and innovative path that includes design and development, business and trading services, talent incubation and smart procurement, transforming and upgrading businesses and even the industry.

This project won the “Enterprise of Observing Contract and Valuing Credit” award in the province and municipalities consecutively for many years and is also awarded the “China’s Top 100 Commodity Market”, “Top 30 Integrated Market Online and Offline”, “China’s Most Influential Commercial Estate Brand”, “Guangdong’s Most Influential Wholesale Market in the Apparel Industry” and many other awards given by authorized enterprises such as the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China National Textile And Apparel Council and many others.